Event Details

Ever dreamed of shooting hoops with the pros? Now's your chance!

On March 23 – 24, 2018 team up with NBA alumni, other professional athletes and celebrities at the 2nd Annual Tournament of Stars presented by Sun Life Financial, a celebrity basketball tournament in support of West Park Healthcare Centre.

To qualify for this unique two-day basketball experience, each team must raise a minimum of $20,000 for a 5 on 5 team, with up to 10 players per team. Once qualified, teams have earned the opportunity to draft their celebrity teammate. The more money your team raises for West Park, the better your chance to draft your favourite NBA alumni, professional athlete or celebrity.

Celebrity Draft Party
Maison Mercer (15 Mercer St.)
Friday, March 23, 2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm 

An exclusive cocktail reception that will bring together qualifying teams, celebrities, major sponsors and invited guests. Teams will participate in the celebrity draft, with the highest fundraising team taking top pick and the remaining teams following in order of funds raised.

Party with our celebrity teammates while enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres from some of Toronto's top restaurants and caterers. The Draft Party is your chance to size up the competition, plan your defensive matchups and strategize before you hit the courts the following day.

Remember, if you want to play with a top ex-NBA player or celebrity be the top fundraising team! The name of the game is FUN, so get out there and raise critical funds and awareness for West Park Healthcare Centre.

Celebrity Basketball Tournament
University of Toronto – Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport
Saturday, March 24, 2018
 8:30 am - 6:00 pm 

Excitement builds from the moment the teams hit the courts and the games begin. The day will be filled with fun and excitement as teams compete for the ultimate bragging rights.

The tournament includes a 3-point competition and an All-Star Game between the top fundraising teams – joined by top individual fundraisers – against the Celebrity All-Stars.

Teams will get the opportunity to show their skills on the court, enjoy great food and beverages, a Team Photo take-away and a silent auction, while families and friends enjoy the action from the bleachers and mingle with the celebrities.

Tickets to the Tournament for family and friends are $25 each, which includes food and beverages.

The Tournament of Stars will be a family-friendly, fun-filled day of basketball with great food, beer "tents" (ages 19 and over), and lounge areas for teams to socialize and meet and greet with the celebrities with photo and autograph opportunities. 

Want to Volunteer on March 24th, 2018? Click here to register: https://goo.gl/forms/IYIP0NYQeVEYHlui1 

Participant Info

Register online as a Team Captain. Once you are registered, our simple, secure, online fundraising system will guide you through the process of inviting your hoop-loving friends, family and co-workers to join your team. Every team member* should set up a personal fundraising page so that they can contribute to the team's total fundraising effort and overall team standings. In order to qualify and play basketball at the Tournament of Stars, each team must fundraise the minimum $20,000 for the 5 on 5 event, with up to 10 players per team. Remember, the highest fundraising team gets to draft their celebrity teammate first!

A registration fee of $100 will apply for each participant. Please note that we are not able to provide a tax receipt for your registration fee.

If a team has not reached the overall team minimum by the fundraising cut-off date, they will be able to make a delayed donation. A delayed donation is a commitment by each player on a team to continue fundraising after the event until they've contributed the balance needed to help their team reach the team minimum. This is tracked by having each player provide their Credit Card information so that, if the team were still short come the delayed donation deadline, the remaining amount would be charged, divided equally amongst the team.

Participant Benefits

Qualifying teams will receive these incredible benefits:

  • Live out your Pro dreams in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  • Earn the chance to win incentive prizes
  • Everyone on your team will attend the exclusive Celebrity Draft Party
  • Play a minimum of 3 games with and against NBA alumni, athletes, and celebrities
  • Team jerseys and sports bag containing towels, snacks, and gifts from the event sponsors
  • Receive team photos with your celebrity
  • Enjoy complimentary food and beverages all day
  • Meet and greet opportunities with all participating NBA alumni, athletes, and celebrities
  • Tax receipts will be provided for all fundraising donations over $10
  • Compete for the chance to earn bragging rights as the Tournament of Stars champions!
  • Memories to last a lifetime!

* Must be 18 years of age to participate in the event, or have the consent of parent or guardian to participate in the event

Register today and help make this a "Slam Dunk" for West Park Healthcare Centre!

Tournament Rules

SPORTSMANSHIP POLICY Good sportsmanship and cooperation is both anticipated and expected. The team captain is expected to aid in controlling teammates' and team followers' conduct and to represent his/her team as a spokesperson in case of appeals to the court monitor. Poor sportsmanship may result in penalties against the team, such as a Technical, Intentional or Flagrant foul. Failure to comply with the Sportsmanship Policy, with acts such as fighting, taunting, intimidating or verbally attacking a tournament official, player or spectator may lead to the removal of that player, team and/or spectator from the tournament. Additional suspension for such acts will be determined by event organizers on a case by case basis. Decisions made by tournament officials are final and are not subject to review by video, other recordings or other sources.

General Rules

  • Tournament Organizers have the right to change any rules when needed and decisions are final.
  • Each team is guaranteed 3 games.
  • Any player injured must notify the office so the proper paperwork can be completed.
  • Any player who is bleeding shall be removed from the game immediately. The game will resume once the player is removed. If the blood is removed from all playing surfaces and has stopped, or has been completely covered, the player can return to the game. The Tournament Convenor will have the authority to decide if a player can return to the game.


  • Teams must have their rosters set prior to playing their first game. This includes first and last names for each player. Players cannot be interchanged after the first game is played.
  • All players must have signed the event waiver prior to participating (either online or a physical copy at the event). If you have not signed a waiver, please speak to a volunteer in order to do so.

The Game:

  • The Game shall be played by two teams of five players each. Each team must have 5 players to start the game.
  • The playing court shall be the size of a regulation basketball court.
  • A game will begin with a coin toss the winner of the coin toss will determine first possession
  • The team who wins possession will inbound the ball from their end of the court under the basket.
  • Each game will consist of 30 points by one team or 25 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • Baskets are worth 2 points or 3 points if scored behind the three-point arc.
  • After a basket possession goes to the team scored upon unless it is a penalty situation (described below).
  • No foul shots will be taken unless in a penalty situation (described below).
  • Substitutions are allowed after a basket is scored and must be indicated to the official before play resumes. The official has final say in whether enough notice was given to allow the substitution to take place.


  • All fouls are called by the officials.
  • The penalty for a foul shall be to award the possession of the ball to the team who was fouled. After 6 team fouls a foul shot will be allowed (worth 1 point if made) and possession will remain with the team who was fouled. Each additional team foul after 6 will also result in a foul shot.

Time Outs:

  • Each team shall be allowed 1 (one minute) time-out per game.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

  • The officials and/or sport supervisor of the basketball tournament has the authority to disqualify any player who conducts themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Tie Game:

  • If a game is tied after 25 minutes, teams will shoot at the top of the key for possession of the ball. Play will continue with the first team scoring a basket winning.

Fundraising Tips

Easy Steps to Fundraising for a Great Cause:

  1. Set your Goals High

    The sky is the limit. Remember the golden rule of fundraising: if you don't ask, you don't get! Aim high, and go for it!

  2. Your Personal Page

    Once you've registered, you can create your own Personal Page on the website to tell your story, post a photo, and of course, request donations. A standard greeting is provided, but personal stories have a tremendous impact. What does this cause mean to you? Why are you involved? Have you or someone close to you been touched by the West Park Foundation? Who are you doing this for? What is your personal goal?

  3. Spread the Word
    • Put a donation box on your desk at work.
    • Add that you are participating in the Tournament of Stars and raising money for a great cause in your email signature (with a link to your fundraising page)
    • Comment on the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter feed.
    • Comment on Facebook, Twitter about the event and how close you are to your personal fundraising goal.
    • Link your personal page to any website or blogs you contribute to.
  4. Lead by Example

    Lead by example and make the first pledge yourself. That way, when you approach others for support, they will see your name and contribution and understand how serious you are.

  5. Create your list of Potential Donors

    Sit down and write down the names of all the people in your life – don't leave anyone out. Your family, friends, colleagues, your hairdresser, the person who sells you coffee every morning, your Facebook friends, the people in your gym classes, the courier who comes into your office.

    Use your personal page to email all of these people and ask them to support you.

    Remember, online donations will also be able to receive tax receipts instantly for their donations. Try and get emails for everybody but in case you can't reach someone by email, ask them to donate to your fund when you see them.

  6. Follow-up

    A good way to keep people involved in your journey is to send an update newsletter or e-mail to keep everyone informed of your fundraising progress. Don't be shy to send a follow up email to those who haven't donated, or better yet give them a call and ask them to read your email. People are usually happy to give, but they don't always have time to give. A gentle reminder is a good way to catch people who were too busy the first time around.

  7. Thank you

    Be sure to personally thank each of your supporters for their contribution - a personal touch goes a long way.

Fundraising Events

Easy Steps to Fundraising for a Great Cause:

Personal Fundraising Events

  • Dinner Party/Sporting Event – Next time you host a dinner party or watch a sporting event with the gang, ask your guests to bring a donation instead of wine.
  • Yard Sale – Sell things you don't need any longer and donate the profits to your team. You could even have a joint yard sale with some of your team members.
  • Birthdays – Instead of gifts this year, ask for donations toward your team.
  • Give-It-Up Campaign – Chose an item, set a timeline, and give it up. Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in a give-it-up campaign or to create one of their own. That $5 latte or $25 lunch can add up quickly.

Community Events

Chances are you have some personal connections to businesses in your area. Make a list of businesses you frequently go to and ask them to donate a percent of sales from a service, a dish, or a day to your team. You might be surprised how often businesses will say yes. When you help them promote what they are going to do, you will get donations, your network will get something in return for supporting you, and the business will grow its audience. It's a win-win for everyone. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • Chef's Table - Ask the owner of a restaurant you frequently eat at to reserve a Chef's Table and promote that 50% of sales from that table will support patients at West Park Foundation. You can create signage for the table with information about the Rehabilitation Centre and how guests are allowing someone to Get Their Life Back by eating at that table.
  • Cuts for Court Boards - Ask your hair salon to donate a percentage of sales one day each month to your team.
  • Work Out Challenge - Host a work out fundraiser at your gym with donations supporting your team. You can also see if your gym has a karma program, where they donate drop-in fees to charities.
  • Celebrity Wine - Ask your favorite local wine store to create a celebrity wine section and donate 10% of each bottle sold to your team.

Why We Play

West Park Healthcare Centre

West Park is a healthcare centre with deep expertise in rehabilitative medicine, and is an essential and dynamic partner in the healthcare system.

We come in where acute care leaves off, providing specialized rehabilitation for patients recovering from life-altering accidents and health challenges such as lung disease, amputation from diabetes and other causes, and spasticity, a debilitating symptom of stroke, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

Rehabilitation therapy at West Park empowers patients with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead productive and independent lives at home. We help patients get their lives back.

West Park is preparing to meet the healthcare challenges of the future. We know that with the rise of certain medical conditions such as stroke, amputations from diabetes and chronic lung disease, the demand for our services will increase by 50 per cent over the next two decades.

To meet this rising need, West Park is redeveloping its 27-acre campus, including construction of a new, 730,000 square foot hospital. The new facility will include a 20 per cent increase in beds, provide expanded, specialized therapy space for programs such as amputee rehabilitation and respiratory rehabilitation, and support ground-breaking clinical research. Construction on the new hospital will begin this fall.

The West Park Foundation has embarked on an ambitious $80 million capital campaign to support the campus development. Your support of the Get Your Life Back Campaign will help accelerate this bold transformation and set a new standard for future patient care, education and research.

Patty De Guia

Arnold Ramroop